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Who has the most 100 point players in one season?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has seen a number of incredible individual and team feats over the years, but one of the most impressive is the sheer number of 100-point games from individual players in a single season. As of this writing, the record is held by the Boston Celtics with 7 players having scored 100 points or more in the 2018-19 season.

The Celtics, who finished the season 49-33 and fourth in the Eastern Conference, had a roster stacked with talent. Point guard Kyrie Irving was joined by teammates Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Al Horford, Gordon Hayward and Terry Rozier in setting the record.

Irving led the way with four of the seven 100-point games, including a season-high 51-point performance against the Philadelphia 76ers on February 12, 2019. He was followed by Brown and Smart with two each, and one each for Tatum, Hayward and Rozier.

The Celtics’ feat was all the more impressive considering that no other team in NBA history that season had more than two players record 100-point games. The next closest in this regard were the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors, each with two players scoring 100 or more in a single game.

Considering the Celtics’ elite level of talent and their impressive record for the season, it was no surprise that they became the first squad in NBA history to have seven different players hit the century mark in a single season. In doing so, they cemented their legacy as one of the greatest teams of all time and set a benchmark that may never be surpassed.

Who has the most 80 point seasons in NHL history?

The NHL record for most 80 point seasons belongs to Wayne Gretzky. The Great One holds the record with 15 incredible seasons that all topped the 80-point mark. This record has stood since Gretzky retired in 1999 and is considered one of the greats among the many records he holds.

Gretzky reached the 80-point mark early and often in his career. He had five 80-point seasons during his junior days with the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds, then started his professional career in 1978 with the Indianapolis Racers at the age of 18. It took Gretzky just 32 games to reach the 80-point mark during the 1978-79 WHA season with the Edmonton Oilers.

He went on to have 11 consecutive 80+ point seasons in the NHL before finally ending his streak in 1992-93 with 79 points. He added two more 80-point campaigns for a total of 15 for his career. No one since has been able to surpass this mark.

Gretzky’s 80-point feats are just one of the many amazing accomplishments throughout his illustrious career. From the moment he stepped onto the ice as a professional he was an unstoppable force, setting records that we may never see be broken.

How many 200-point seasons did Wayne Gretzky have?

Wayne Gretzky, “The Great One,” is one of the most legendary hockey players of all time. He’s renowned for his unparalleled offensive prowess, and he holds several NHL records that may never be broken. One of his most impressive achievements? An incredible 12 200-point seasons!

Gretzky first achieved the feat during the 1981-82 season, when he scored 109 goals and 212 points. He followed up with three more 200-point seasons over the next four years, and then completed a six-year streak from 1986 to 1991. His final five 200-point seasons came between 1993 and 1998, with his highest-scoring year being 1994-95, when he put up 130 points.

Gretzky’s 12 200-point seasons dwarf the second-highest total, held by Mario Lemieux with six. It speaks volumes to Gretzky’s unmatched brilliance that not only did he reach this elite level of scoring twelve times, but also he achieved it in almost every season of his 20-year career. His remarkable consistency and longevity further cement The Great One’s place among the greatest athletes in history.

What is the longest streak without a loss NHL history?

The longest streak without a loss in NHL history belongs to the Pittsburgh Penguins, who went 17 straight games without a loss during the 1992-93 season. Led by Mario Lemieux, the Penguins won 15 of their 17 games and tied the other two, racking up an impressive 33 points. The Penguins were powered by Lemieux’s five goals and 23 assists, plus star performances from linemates Ron Francis and Jaromir Jagr. Additionally, goaltender Tom Barrasso backstopped the streak with a 1.50 goals-against average and .930 save percentage.

The Penguins’ incredible streak ended on March 6, 1993 when they lost 4-3 in overtime to the Quebec Nordiques. While Boston and Chicago smashed the 17 game mark with 24 and 21 game streaks respectively, the Penguins’ 17-gamer remains the longest streak without suffering a loss in NHL history. Since that time, nobody has come close to matching it.

Despite the Penguins’ streak coming to an end, they finished their season with a franchise-best 56 wins and 119 points. They swept the New Jersey Devils 4-0 in the conference semifinals before being knocked out by the Islanders in seven games during the conference finals. To this day, the Penguins’ streak without a loss remains one of the most impressive accomplishments in NHL history.

Who is the closest to Gretzky in points?

Wayne Gretzky stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to scoring points. With a career total of 2,857, he holds the record for most points scored in NHL history. But who comes in second behind the Great One?

Jaromir Jagr is the player closest to Gretzky in terms of career points. The Czech forward racked up an impressive 1,921 points over his two-decade long NHL career. He’s the only active NHL player close to reaching the 2000-point mark, with just 79 points shy of the milestone.

Despite playing fewer games than some other NHL legends, Jagr’s longevity allowed him to climb up the ranks and build an impressive resume. He finished his NHL career with second-most all-time goals (766), third most assists (1,155), and second most game-winning goals (135). During this time, he amassed 1884 points in 1423 regular season games, and 37 points in 43 playoff games.

Jagr’s accomplishments on the ice have been recognized by the NHL, and he is a four-time winner of the Art Ross Trophy (awarded to the top point scorer) and one-time winner of the Hart Memorial Trophy (awarded to the best player). His extensive list of accolades has earned him a spot in the Hockey Hall of Fame, and rightfully so.

Though no active player is likely to bump Jagr off his pedestal anytime soon, there is another legend who comes very close to the Great 8. Mark Messier, the former Edmonton Oilers center, takes the bronze medal in career points with 1,887. Messier achieved this milestone in 1756 regular season games, as well as 233 playoff games, making him one of the most decorated players in NHL history.

As one of the NHL’s all-time greats, these three players are remembered as some of the greatest goal-scorers in hockey history. They have all been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, and their records will remain untouched for the foreseeable future.

Has anyone worn 99 since Gretzky?

Wayne Gretzky’s number 99 may be one of the most iconic numbers in professional sports. It’s no surprise that since the “Great One” retired in 1999, nobody has had the chance to don his number in the NHL. While there have been numerous athletes who have worn 99 at other levels of hockey, Gretzky’s number is so closely associated with him that no one has been willing to wear it in the NHL.

Though a handful of players, including Dan O’dea, Marc Chorney, and Scott Norton, have worn 99 in college, junior, and minor league play, no one has worn the number since Gretzky. As such, Gretzky stands as the only player in NHL history to wear the number 99, and it remains a powerful symbol of his greatness and lasting legacy in the sport.

Gretzky’s decision to take his number with him into retirement has left a lasting impression on the game. He set a precedence of not only loyalty to the number, but also to the fans that love and revere it. Many believe Gretzky’s desire to keep his number out of circulation is a testament to his incredible respect for the game of hockey, as well as its supporters.

Though we may never get to see another player wear number 99 in the NHL, Gretzky’s legacy will continue to live on within the hearts of hockey fans everywhere. The number 99 will remain forever a part of Gretzky’s own personal story, in addition to the stories of those who will remember the Great One long after he has gone.

Who was the most feared fighter in the NHL?

When it comes to the most feared fighters in the NHL over the years, there are a few contenders who stand out. One of the most recognized is Gordie Howe, nicknamed “Mr. Hockey” for his impressive career that spanned from 1946 to 1980. He was known as a fierce competitor on the ice and as one of the toughest players in the league. He continued to play at a high level well into his forties, inspiring younger players and even earning a spot in the NHL All-Star Game in 1980, making him the only player to be selected in six different decades.

Bob Probert was another player who struck fear in the hearts of many. He had a reputation for being willing to throw down with anyone, regardless of size or skill. Probert was also an impressive player, scoring 163 goals and 384 assists over a 16 year career. He was part of the Detroit Red Wings ‘Dead Wings’ line alongside Joey Kocur, establishing them as one of the toughest lines in hockey.

Tiger Williams was one of the most notorious enforcers in the NHL throughout the 1970s and 80s. He had a no-nonsense attitude which made him a hit with fans, although he was considered a nuisance by opponents. Williams was involved in many famous brawls, making him one of the most feared players on the ice.

Finally, Steve MacIntyre was one of the most intimidating players in recent years. His intimidating presence earned him the nickname “Muncher” and saw him frequent the penalty box on a regular basis. Despite his relatively short career, MacIntyre left his mark on the NHL as one of the most feared brawlers.

Overall, these four players are serious contenders for the title of most feared fighter in the NHL. Each of them inspired fear in their opponents and admiration in their fans, leaving a lasting legacy long after their careers have ended.

What is the lowest scoring NHL game ever?

The record for the lowest-scoring NHL game ever played is held by the New Jersey Devils and the Chicago Blackhawks, who played to a 0-0 tie on January 17, 1996. This game holds the distinction as the only NHL game since the league’s expansion to have ended in a 0-0 tie.

This remarkable defensive contest featured 42 shots on goal, but both teams were able to keep each other from finding the back of the net. It was an incredibly rare feat considering that no other game since the 1967 expansion has ended without either team scoring.

While an entertaining game for the fans, this contest set records for lowest shots on goal for both teams and made history by setting the record for the lowest scoring NHL game ever. It also marked the first time that two goaltenders had registered a shutout in the same game since 1979 when the Montreal Canadiens and Detroit Red Wings had done so.

It is not surprising that the two goaltenders in this game are still remembered fondly by hockey fans. New Jersey goaltender Martin Brodeur, who led the Devils to their first Stanley Cup win later that year, and Chicago goaltender Ed Belfour, who was named the league’s top goalie in 1991, both put up impressive performances.

This historic 0-0 tie between the Devils and the Blackhawks is a testament to the skill and dedication of both teams, and showcases the high-stakes nature of every NHL game. Even though no goals were scored, the passionate players and fans experienced a memorable contest they will never forget.