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What is the boardwalk called in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta is a popular tourist destination for people looking to experience all that Mexico has to offer. Its beautiful beaches and stunning views make it a great place to relax and unwind. One of the most popular attractions in Puerto Vallarta is the boardwalk, known as the Malecon.

The Malecon stretches nearly two miles along the edge of the bay and features sculptures, parks, and plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops. Visitors can stroll the boardwalk during the day and spend the night enjoying live music performances, theatrical shows, and a wide variety of activities. The boardwalk also offers great people watching spots, where you can take in the sights and sounds of this vibrant town.

The Malecon provides access to some of Puerto Vallarta’s top attractions, including the famous Los Arcos underwater national park and the old town of El Centro. There are also many iconic landmarks located near the boardwalk, such as the La Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe church, and the Mercado Municipal market.

Whether you’re looking to spend a leisurely day by the sea or take part in the lively nightlife of Puerto Vallarta, there’s something for everyone at the Malecon boardwalk. Come experience this unique and vibrant space, and enjoy everything it has to offer!

What famous movie was filmed in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta has been home to many major Hollywood productions, including one of the most influential films in history: Richard Burton and Liz Taylor’s 1964 classic, The Night of the Iguana. The film tells the story of a defrocked Episcopal minister, played by Richard Burton, who has travelled to a small Mexican coastal village to take up residence as the manager of a small hotel.

The film was mainly shot in Mismaloya, which is located just south of Puerto Vallarta, and showcases some of the area’s breathtaking scenery. Although it was filmed in black and white – making it look almost ghost-like when compared to its vibrant surroundings – it put Puerto Vallarta on the map and helped launch the town into international fame.

The film was nominated for three Academy Awards and won the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Picture. It has become a classic and continues to entice millions of visitors to Puerto Vallarta each year. If you’d like to explore some of The Night of the Iguana’s iconic sets, then be sure to add a stop at Mismaloya to your next visit to Puerto Vallarta.

What is the largest boardwalk in Mexico?

The Paseo de la Reforma boardwalk in Acapulco, Mexico is the longest boardwalk in the country. Spanning almost three kilometers and running along the beautiful coastline of Acapulco, this boardwalk is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike looking to soak up some sun and take in the breathtaking views. Along the boardwalk, you’ll find plenty of restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops, as well as sculptures and artwork that add to the ambiance.

This boardwalk has something for everyone – whether you’re looking to take a leisurely stroll, have an action-packed day of kayaking or jet-skiing, or something a little more romantic like a horse-drawn carriage ride, you’re sure to find it here. With stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, plenty of places to relax and enjoy great food, and ample space for activities and exploration, this boardwalk is a great way to explore all that Acapulco has to offer. From early morning grazes to late night strolls, Paseo de la Reforma is the perfect place to meet, mingle, and enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful city.

What is the best day to visit the Malecon Puerto Vallarta?

If you’re looking for a perfect day to enjoy the stunning views of Malecon Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, look no further than Sunday! This popular tourist attraction is one of the best places to take in the stunning waterfront views, and the atmosphere on Sunday is unbeatable.

Sundays are the ideal day to visit the Malecon. On most Sundays, the Malecon hosts traditional Italian markets, live music performances, and the chance to rub shoulders with local artists. Many of the shops, bars, and restaurants along the way are open until midnight, making it the perfect place to spend an entire day. Not to mention that the warm Mexican sunsets can be enjoyed from the Malecon, adding to the overall charm of the area.

Strolling along the boardwalk of Malecon Puerto Vallarta will give you plenty of opportunities to take in the local culture and art. Throughout the walkway, you’ll come across many artist stands displaying beautiful paintings, sculptures, handmade jewelry, and much more. You can also find a vast array of street food, ranging from tacos to fresh fruit. It’s the perfect way to experience some local flavors while enjoying the views.

The nightlife around Malecon Puerto Vallarta is also worth checking out, offering a variety of bars and clubs playing everything from salsa to reggaeton. Plus, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to enjoy dinner and drinks with friends. Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic stroll along the boardwalk or a wild night out, the Malecon has something for everyone!

For the perfect day exploring the beautiful Malecon of Puerto Vallarta, make sure to plan your trip for a Sunday. There’s no other day where you can fully appreciate the culture and beauty of this stunning location.

Can you swim in the Malecon?

Taking a dip in the Malecon is a popular activity in Mexico City. The wide-open expanse of the boardwalk offers up a great place to swim, sunbathe, and take in the spectacular views of the city. People from all walks of life enjoy the warm Gulf of Mexico waters, from the young and active to the more relaxed vacationers.

What makes swimming in the Malecon extra enjoyable is that it is open for almost 24 hours a day. So whether you plan to be there during the day or night, you can find a time that suits you best. And if you are an early riser, you can also take advantage of the morning swims – the Malecon really comes alive in the mornings with joggers, bikers, and swimmers alike.

Another great thing about the Malecon is that it is free to access and use. You don’t need to buy downtown, so you can just pack up your beach bag and go. But this doesn’t mean that you should forget the safety precautions – you still need to be aware of any currents, riptides, or undertows, and make sure that you have enough energy to swim against the tide.

Of course, swimming isn’t the only activity to enjoy on the Malecon. You can also indulge in some paddleboarding, kayaking, or body boarding. And when you’re done, there are plenty of spots to relax and enjoy the sunset, or head to one of the local bars and clubs to club the night away.

All in all, swimming in the Malecon is an unforgettable experience. Whether you plan on spending the day or just an afternoon, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to take full advantage of all that the beautiful boardwalk has to offer.

What is the big hole in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta is a thriving resort city located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife. One of the most unusual sights in Puerto Vallarta is the ‘big hole’ that lies just off the coast. This mysterious natural phenomenon is actually an underwater sinkhole known as the Cenote de los Amoles, and it is one of the few in the world visible from the surface of the ocean.

The Cenote de los Amoles is a unique geological formation located about 15 kilometres from Puerto Vallarta, in the Bay of Banderas. It is an oval-shaped crater that has been partially filled in over time by sediment from rivers. The shape of the crater is estimated to be roughly 300 meters in diameter and 75 meters in depth. The water inside is crystal clear and the bottom is covered with coral and seashells.

While the big hole in Puerto Vallarta is a geological curiosity, there is also some evidence that it was used by the ancient native people of the area, perhaps even thousands of years ago. The name “Cenote de los Amoles” translates roughly to ‘Pool of the Amoles’, and some historians believe that the Mayan Indians may have used it for ceremonies and other rituals.

Visitors to the area can take an excursion from Puerto Vallarta to the Cenote de los Amoles, and explore the big hole for themselves. It’s an awe-inspiring sight to behold and is sure to leave a lasting impression for anyone who takes the time to visit it.